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Info for the SunPy Tutorial at the TESS 2015

Welcome TESS <> attendees to the “Introduction to Solar Data Analysis in Python”!

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ESA Summer of Code

I am happy to announce that for the third year running SunPy has got a summer student from ESA’s SOCIS program. This year the student is Tomas Meszaros. Tomas’ project this summer will be working on creating a new core data type for SunPy, the HyperMap. Which will be designed to hold ND data with at least one spatial dimension and any combination of other axes such as Wavelength, Temperature or Time. This data type will allow us to support data from instruments such as Hinode EIS and the newly launched IRIS satellite, as well as a multitude of high resolution ground based instruments. Tomas will be documenting his progress on his blog: as well as less regular more general interest posts on this site.

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