pyOpenSci and sunpy#

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pyOpenSci is a “diverse community of people interested in building a community of practice around scientific software written in Python”. They are an exciting community working on improving the information around the packaging and tooling used by the scientific Python community as well to provide support for package maintainers. There is a review process to become a pyOpenSci accepted package which comes with two reviews from independent members of the wider community.

With this in mind, the SunPy Project decided to submit the sunpy package to pyOpenSci to ensure that it is aligned with the community that pyOpenSci is building, and increase visibility of SunPy.

The review was started on the pyOpenSci software-submission repository. The entire review process is open, with one editor and two reviewers and the entire exchange between the sunpy maintainers and the reviewers are on that issue. This process was incredibly helpful as it highlighted areas of our documentation which could be improved and some technical choices that were made several years ago but now were redundant or not best practice.

After these issues were fixed, sunpy was accepted into pyOpenSci and we added the badge to the sunpy readme. The plan in future is to submit more SunPy Project packages as well as integrate more closely with pyOpenSci to replace our own affiliated package system. Our hope is that by aligning with pyOpenSci we can help to contribute back to the wider community.