SunPy 2.0 Released#

The SunPy project is happy to announce the release of SunPy 2.0! SunPy is an open-source Python library for Solar Physics data analysis and visualization.

This release is our second long(er) term support release, that we will be supporting with bug fixes until 3.0 in roughly a year’s time. With this release, the 1.0 and 1.1 releases will no longer receive bug fixes and we encourage everyone to upgrade to 2.0.

The major highlights of this release are:

  • Fido now supports tab completion of search attributes. This allows you to do a.Instrument.AIA, and print a.Instrument to see the list of known supported instruments.

  • aiaprep has been deprecated in favor of the functionality in the aiapy package.

  • Various fixes and clarifications to pixel indexing in the subpackage.

  • Standardization of specifying rectangles in coordinate space in the submap() and draw_rectangle() methods of GenericMap.

  • HTML quicklook previews of GenericMap and MapSequence instances are available with the new quicklook() and quicklook() methods, respectively. This is also the default display in Jupyter notebooks.

  • Integration of differential rotation into the sunpy.coordinates framework. This enables, amongst other things, the warping of images with the reproject package and the plotting of rotated grid lines with WCSAxes.

See What’s New in SunPy 2.0 for more details and the Full Changelog for the full list of over 100 changes in 2.0.

This release of SunPy contains 1044 commits in 290 merged pull requests closing 144 issues from 33 people, 16 of which are first-time contributors to SunPy.

The people who have contributed to the code for this release are:

Abhijeet Manhas * Abijith B * Albert Y. Shih Amogh J * Arfon Smith * Arib Alam * David Pérez-Suárez David Stansby Deepankar Sharma Jack Ireland Jai Ram Rideout James Paul Mason Kris Akira Stern * Laura Hayes Lazar Zivadinovic * Mark Cheung * Monica Bobra Nabil Freij Ole Streicher Pankaj Mishra * Raahul Singh Rajiv Ranjan Singh Rutuja Surve * Sarthak Jain Sashank Mishra * Steven Christe Stuart Mumford Swapnil Kannojia * Utkarsh Parkhi * Will Barnes abijith-bahuleyan * honey * mridulpandey *

Where a * indicates their first contribution to SunPy.