SunPy awarded a NASA HDEE Grant#

A NASA Heliophysics Data Environment Enhancement (HDEE) grant has been awarded to a proposal submitted to support SunPy development. The grant was awarded through NASA’s 2019 ROSES grant solicitation.

The grant supports the following development goals:

  • Creation of a report on the state of the SunPy codebase by analyzing output from code coverage and API inspection tools, etc, identifying areas in the existing codebase that need more coverage, can be consolidated or removed.

  • Provide the ability to read spectroscopic data into a spectral data object, thereby enabling its later scientific analysis.

  • Implement a number of heliophysical coordinate systems using the existing SunPy and Astropy-based coordinate system framework.

  • Create example code snippets that use SunPy and packages from the Python in Heliophysics Community; these examples will be shared via the Python in Heliophysics Community.

The PI of the grant is Jack Ireland, and the co-I of the grant is Andy Terrel (NumFOCUS). The grant has a one year duration. The bulk of the code development will be undertaken by a developer hired through NuMFOCUS. We look forward to supporting the development of SunPy through this grant.