Part 5: The Second Evaluation Awaits#

The fifth part of the ongoing series of my blog posts on my experience in the Google Summer of Code. I am working with Sunpy on their solar image processing toolkit, Sunkit-image. As of now two months have already and it has been an enriching experience. The second evaluation is also just around the corner and I am very hopeful that I will be able to clear it.


In this post, I describe the last two weeks of my work which was essentially only one week of work as I was on a vacation for a week. I had already discussed with my mentors regarding taking a vacation and they were fine with it if I could compensate for the lost time.

Now coming to the details of the work in the past week. I had been working on writing a python wrapper for FLCT C code. Fourier Linear Correlation Tracking is an algorithm which finds the 2D flow field between two images taken within a close interval to each other. I had earlier written the wrapper for the subroutines of the FLCT main code. During this week, I fixed the original wrapper for the subroutines and also implemented the main FLCT file, which makes FLCT available in python.

There are few errors hidden in my code as of yet which are being diligently hunted. Hopefully, the code would soon be bug-free. I am also working on the testing and documentation of the sub-package simultaneously. The entire wrapping has been done using Cython where the numpy arrays have been converted to C-compatible types like pointers or pointer to pointers.

Overall this particular section of work was very interesting. It was the first time I had used Cython and power which it provides to use of C codes in plain Python is amazing. The knowledge of this opens up various avenues of optimization in other python functions.

Hope you enjoyed reading this. Stay tuned for further updates!!!