Part 4: Weeks after the first evaluation#

This is part 4 of the ongoing series of my blog posts describing my journey as a Google Summer Of Code student working with Sunpy to develop Sunkit-image, an image processing toolbox for solar images.


In this installment, I describe the work in the two weeks following the first evaluation on June 24. It has finally been a month since I started this adventurous journey of Google Summer of Code. This past month helped me learn a lot of new stuff, methodologies and techniques. It really has been a fascinating experience for me. And when the results of the first evaluation came out I was filled with joy and happiness that I made it through the first hurdle.

Now, coming back to the progress I made during the last two weeks. I mostly spent my weeks working on two problems :

  • Soft Morphological Transform

Soft Morphological Transform is a routine which aims to remove cosmic ray hits from solar images. As per our earlier plan, we would implement this algorithm from scratch if and only if the “astroscrappy.detect_cosmics” did not work for solar images. So our first course of action was to validate the performance of the astroscrappy module for solar data and to our delight, it worked perfectly for solar data.


image2 Images depicting the working of astroscrappy module. The left one is the input image whereas the right one is the output after using that module.

Once the module was found to be working I wrote an example about showcasing how to use it which can be found here.

  • Wrapping the FLCT C code into Python

Fourier Linear Correlation Tracking is an algorithm which finds the 2D flow field between two images taken close to each other. The FLCT code is already written in C and is publicly available. But to make this accessible in python I am wrapping it using Cython. As of now, I have wrapped the subroutines required for the FLCT code and the wrapping of the main code is underway. Hope to finish this in a couple of days before I go on a short vacation.

I hope you enjoyed reading this. Stay tuned for further updates and happenings in the coming weeks.