Affiliated Packages

An affiliated package is a Python package related to Solar Physics that is not part of the SunPy core library, but can be included in the future as part of the SunPy project’s community.

As a community-driven project SunPy thus encourages contributions from a diverse group of people on building such software that has the potential to be a future Affiliated SunPy Package.

Requirements to be satisfied:

  • The package must make use of all appropriate features in the core SunPy library, to reduce code duplication and complexity.

  • The software must provide documentation that explains the function and use of the package, and this documentation should be of comparable standard to the core SunPy library.

  • The code should as far as possible provide an easy to run test suite to verify the correct operation of the package.

  • The developers of an affiliated package should engage with the rest of the SunPy community to encourage knowledge and code sharing within the community.

Please look at SEP-4 to read about our policies surrounding affiliated packages. Please send an email to our mailing list to start a dialogue.

Package Name





A base package for multi-dimensional (non)contiguous coordinate-aware arrays

ndcube docs

Daniel Ryan


Access HMI, AIA and MDI data with Python

drms docs

Kolja Glogowski


This package aims to provide support for some type of radiospectra on solar physics

radiospectra docs

David Pérez-Suárez


A package for handling data from the IRIS satellite

IRISPy docs

Daniel Ryan