[Week 06] — First Evaluations and Completing the first half#

image0 First Evaluations are Completed!

This blog post deals with the entry of tasks that I did for the 6th week for the project under Google Summer of Code 2019.

First Evaluations results are out#

So the first evaluations results are out, and fortunately, I have passed the first evaluations. This was a mini-victory moment for me, and to top it up, my PR regarding the first evals was merged which was sweet for me!

I got a mail from Google, stating that I have passed my evaluations, and my mentor had given positive feedback. I was overjoyed and jumping out of happiness! I am not comfortable in sharing my mail here, but I am happy to state a few of the comments by my mentor.

My mentor commended the amount of hard work done and suggested me to improve my check-ins with the progress and keep pushing the code to GitHub so that how much progress I am making could be gauged.

This was imperative as it would help me in assessing my strengths and not over-working them, and work on my shortcomings as soon as possible. I had decided with my mentors that for the second part of the project, I would rather break my PRs into several small parts, each of them dealing with a small sub-task, that could be individually integrated back into NDCube.

Gearing up for the next sub-part#

If any of my readers had been gauging my progress, here is a tab which contains most of the task that should be completed to check-off the task. I had covered most of the tasks of NDCubeBase. I was concerned with the working of axis_world_coords, which I had re-written earlier, and not sure about the working of it.

I decided to add it to my later tasks, as I started with planning for the next half of the project, the plotting. This required me to read through the docs for understanding the plotting. I had earlier worked with the plotting earlier, so I had been familiar with the code of plotting.

The trick was to break the codebase into small portions, as the plotting code was delegated into small methods which worked out the plotting of 1D, 2D and >2D NDCube objects. @DanRyanIrish had earlier advised me to break out the code into small parts, each of the refactoring dealing with different types of NDCube objects.

Tasks for the next week#

The tasks for the next week remains a bit confusing. I plan to take on plotting, before trying out the changes that I made for the first part of the coding. My mentor @Cadair would be out on his vacations for around 2-3 weeks, so @DanRyanIrish would be expected to take in the charge. I don’t expect him to be available every now and then 😛, but I plan to make progress without pinging them every now and then.

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