SunPy Update - March 2016#

Hello all,

Once again I am a week late, but here is a quick recap.

February News#

Unified Downloader aka Fido#

We had a very successful sprint on the Unified downloader a couple of weeks ago, and progress is being made towards having it ready to be merged. The two main things that need to be completed now are adding extra tests of the clients through the Fido interface and improving the documentation.

We are maintaining a list of issues outstanding on the unidown branch here as always feel free to ask for advice if you would like to tackle any of them. Fido is a key feature of SunPy 0.7 and will permit the development of the LightCurve object.

Google Summer of Code#

OpenAstronomy got accepted as a GSOC 2016 mentoring Organisation. This is a significant new development as it indidcates outside recognition of the maturity and quality of the efforts comprising Open Astronomy (SunPy’s previous GSOC students came via the Python Foundation as the mentoring Organisation). This is the first time in 4 years thathe GSOC Org application SunPy has put in (individually or as a team) has been accepted! What this means for SunPy is that we will get some money per student from Google. For more information on GSOC see the OpenAstronomy website, and it’s not too late to submit project ideas.

Coming up in March#

Python in Astronomy 2016#

The Python in Astronomy conference is running between the 21st and the 25th of March at the e-Science Institute at the University of Washington in Seattle. There will a strong SunPy contingent attending, keep your eyes open on social media and on the internet for talks and materials from the conference. There will be no meeting on the 21st March due to this conference.

Weekly Developer Discussions#

The weekly meetings will be continuing this month, they are at 1700UTC each week. We are using Google Hangouts and you can be notified of them by following our Google+ page (normally the join link is posted in IRC once the meeting has started). These meetings are also recorded and uploaded to YouTube, so you can catch up even if you can not attend in person.

Links to coming meetings are below:

  • Meeting on 7/3

  • Meeting on 14/3

  • 21/3 There will be no meeting this week due to Python in Astronomy 2016.

  • Meeting on 28/3

Reviewing Pull Requests#

As always, reviews on pull requests are always welcome, you don’t have to have merge permissions or anything other than a GitHub account to review PRs. You can find a list of all the PRs that need reviewing here.

Getting in touch#

Finally, I wanted to remind everyone about our public communication methods. We have two mailing lists, SunPy and sunpy-dev, the main SunPy list is used for general questions and announcements, and the sunpy-dev list is used for developer discussion and organisational emails. We also have the IRC channel (#SunPy on Freenode), which normally has someone hanging out in it, and is an excellent place to get some real-time help,or to just come for a chat. We also have our Google+ page and a Twitter account.

Happy Pythoning, Stuart