SunPy 0.5.0#

The SunPy project is happy to announce the release of SunPy 0.5.0. This release consists of 772 commits from 21 people including 9 new contributors, including the ability to co-align map cubes via template matching in scikit image, massive improvements to Map.rotate() including an implementation of an aiaprep calibration routine for SDO/AIA data and the ability to calculate GOES temperature and emission measure from GOES fluxes.

Special mentions to Daniel Ryan and Andrew Leonard who have both contributed their first major features to SunPy for this release. They contributed the GOES temperature and aiaprep code respectively.

New Features:

  • map.rotate() improvements and the addition of a aiaprep routine.

  • GOES temperature and emission measure calculation.

  • Added functions that implement image coalignment with support for MapCubes.

  • MapCube._maps changed to MapCube.maps.

  • Added Nobeyama Radioheliograph data support to Lightcurve object.

  • Added support for NOAA solar cycle prediction in lightcurves.

  • Improved line quality and performances issues with map.draw_grid().

  • Most tests should pass on windows and on installed versions of SunPy.

  • Added a window/split method to time range.

  • Updates to spectrogram documentation.

  • Added method Database.add_from_hek_query_result to HEK database.

  • Added method Database.download_from_vso_query_result.

  • GOES Lightcurve now makes use of a new source of GOES data, provides metadata, and data back to 1981.

  • Fix algorithm in sunpy.sun.equation_of_center.

  • Added contains functionality to TimeRange module

  • Added t=’now’ to parse_time to provide utcnow datetime.

  • Fixed time dependent functions (.sun) to default to t=’now’

  • Fixed solar_semidiameter_angular_size

  • Removed sqlalchemy as a requirement for SunPy

  • Some basic tests for GenericLightCurve on types of expected input.

  • Added Docstrings to LightCurve methods.

  • Added tests for classes in

  • Cleaned up the sunpy namespace, removed .units, /ssw and .sphinx. Also moved .coords .physics.transforms.

The people who have contributed to this release are:

  • Stuart Mumford

  • Daniel Ryan *

  • Andrew Leonard

  • Steven Christe

  • Pritish Chakraborty

  • Jack Ireland

  • David Pérez-Suárez

  • Andrew Inglis

  • Michael Mueller *

  • Rishabh Sharma *

  • Albert Y. Shih

  • Jose Ivan Campos Rozo

  • Simon Liedtke

  • Rajul Srivastava *

  • Larry Manley *

  • Mateo Inchaurrandieta *

  • Asish Panda *

  • Daniel Williams *

  • Nabil Freij

  • Russell Hewett

  • freekv *

Where a * indicates their first contribution.

We hope you find this release useful and that it enables you to do even more useful things with SunPy.