Announcing SunPy 0.4#

The SunPy community is pleased to announce the release of SunPy 0.4.0. This release contains many new features, some of which are contributed by people who participated in GSOC 2013. It includes the addition of a new local database for storing and searching data, it features a HEK to VSO translator and a new HELIO module in net. As well as this major work has been undertaken on the documentation and a new website developed.

To download the latest SunPy release go to our website or download from PyPI. The documentation for the latest release can now be found at

This release contains 1025 commits from 19 people.

New Features:

  • Major documentation refactor. A far reaching re-write and restructure.

  • Add a SunPy Database to store and search local data.

  • Add beta support for querying the HELIO HEC

  • Add beta HEK to VSO query translation.

  • Add the ability to download the GOES event list.

  • Add support for downloading and querying the LYTAF database.

  • Add support for ANA data.

  • Updated sun.constants to use astropy.constants objects which include units, source, and error instide. For more info check out

  • Add some beta support for IRIS data products

  • Add a new MapCubeAnimator class with interactive widgets which is returned by mapcube.peek().

  • The Glymur library is now used to read JPEG2000 files.

  • GOESLightCurve now supports all GOES satellites.

The people who have contributed to this release are:

  • Stuart Mumford

  • Simon Liedtke

  • Steven Christe

  • Jack Ireland

  • Andrew Inglis

  • Nabil Freij

  • Samuel Bennett

  • David Perez-Suarez

  • Pritish Chakraborty

  • Albert Y. Shih

  • John Evans

  • Michael Malocha

  • Florian Mayer

  • Russell Hewett

  • Jose Iván Campos

  • Keith Hughitt

  • Tiago Pereira