Gsoc Community Bonding#

From our last post you may remember that SunPy is participating in GSOC-2013 under the PSF <>`_ (!= Point Spread Function. Yesterday, Google announced the accepted candidates for their summer of code. If you look the list you will find between all these students that there are two whose projects is to work with SunPy.

Simon Liedtke (a.k.a. derdon) will develop a database for downloaded solar data, this will allow SunPy users to interact with the data in a more efficient way, avoiding to have to download again and again the files that went lost in our hard-disk. This tool will be smart enough that will let you know if you query data to VSO that you have already downloaded.

Michael Malocha (a.k.a. mjm159) is going to work on a better integration of HEK and HELIO in SunPy. This will include querying for event to the available catalogues, but also other capabilities like overploting the events’ positions/contours into solar images.

They will start to work in their projects in just two weeks. You will be able to follow their adventures, feelings, ideas, etc. in their personal blogs (Michael’s , Simon’s ). But they will also give us a bi-weekly update on their progress in here! Keep an eye on them because we want your inputs to develop the best tools we can!

Meanwhile, we are in the Community Bonding Period. In this two weeks, Michael and Simon will have to interact with us, to know how we work, to read documents needed for their projects, so on and so on… On the mentor’s side we are going to work in a couple of wiki-documents to give them a better insight on how we would like to use their implemented tools at the end of the summer. Check the wiki and feel free to contribute!

This summer is going to be AMAZING for SunPy, so don’t doubt to join us for the fun!