SunPy 0.2

It has been a busy year but a lot of code later SunPy version 0.2.0 has arrived! This new version of SunPy is quite a change from the old 0.1 release, a few things have changed that make it not backwards compatible, however we feel that the changes are for the better! 14 people have helped to make this release of SunPy a big step forwards, between them they have added 1200 commits to the GitHub page.

Below is the main features that have been added for this release:

  • Completely re-written plotting routines for most of the core datatypes.
  • JPEG 2000 support as an input file type.
  • Improved documentation for much of the code base, including re-written installation instructions.
  • New lightcurve object
  • LYRA support
  • GOES/XRS support
  • SDO/EVE support
  • New Spectrum and Spectrogram object (in development)
  • Spectrogram plotting routines
  • Callisto spectrum type and support
  • STEREO/SWAVES support
  • Map Object
  • Added support for LASCO, Yohkoh/XRT maps
  • A new CompositeMap object for overlaying maps
  • Resample method
  • Superpixel method
  • The addition of the rotate() method for 2D maps.

The people who have contributed to this release are:

  • Florian Mayer
  • Keith Hughitt
  • Jack Ireland
  • Steven Christe
  • Stuart Mumford
  • Albert Shih
  • Matt Earnshaw
  • Nicky Chorley
  • David Perez-Suarez
  • Andrew Inglis
  • Russell Hewett
  • Thomas Robitaille
  • Jordan Ballew
  • Arseniy Kustov

Thanks to all of them, and may version 0.2 prove very useful to you.


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