Getting Help


We strive to provide a rich and comprehensive set of documentation for all packages under the sunpy project. For sunpy, the sunpy documentation includes examples and an API layout that you can access through the code reference. All packages under the sunpy project, they will have their own hosted documentation you can browse. Many should be found under the “Documentation” dropdown above.


You can stay up to date on the development of sunpy and interact with the community with these helpful resources:

Anyone can and is encouraged to get involved and we look forward to meeting you! Please be aware that we have a Code of Conduct, that sets out how everyone should and will behave with each other.

Mailing List

sunpy has two mailing lists; a general mailing list for general issues and a developer mailing list. If you have a general question about how sunpy works please use the general mailing list and it is another way to get help with doing solar physics with Python. If, on the other hand you have a question about the inner workings of sunpy, how sunpy is organized or have a question about developing some new feature please use the developer mailing list.

Live Chat

We have a channel and you will find many sunpy users and developers within the channel. Please stop by and say hello. You can login with any account by typing in your full username, i.e.