Provide Feedback

We could always use more voices and opinions in the discussions about SunPy and its development from both users and developers. You may want to suggest a new feature or tell us about how something is not working how you would expect it to. There are a number of ways to make your voice heard and we would love to hear from you.

We strongly recommend that your first port of call would be to our lovely matrix channel. Here you can get in easily get in touch with developers or users for questions or support! This is the most lively part of the community!

If you prefer email:

  • The general mailing list is a great place to start. Here we answer questions about SunPy or send out major announcements.
  • If you have technical issue about the code or want advice on how to help SunPy, the developer mailing list is another good place. This is where you can find the nitty gritty nuts and bolts discussions about the SunPy codebase.

Report Bugs

If you run into unexpected behavior or run into a bug we urge you to please report it. All bugs are kept track of on our issue tracker. You can add a bug report there or if you are not sure it’s a bug send a message on Matrix or an email to the developer mailing list. Ideally, we would like a short code example so we can run into the bug on our own machines.

Provide Code

If you are interested in contributing fixes, code or documentation to SunPy please checkout our newcomers guide. We also have a more in-depth developer guide, if that explains several items in more detail.

SunPy uses a distributed version control system called Git and the code is hosted on GitHub. To get started, create an account on github and fork SunPy then submit your changes via a pull request. If you are unfamiliar with Git and GitHub our developer documentation provides a sample workflow but you can also find lots of tutorials online. You can browse our issue list or our wishlist to find something that you can tackle. We have a short guide on how to contribute back to the SunPy repository. Please send a quick email to the dev list or stop by the chat room to let people know what you are planning on working on (see the Documentation section).

SunPy Enhancement Proposals (SEP)

If you have an idea for a major enhancement or a proposed change to SunPy please consider submitting an SEP. This process is modeled after the Python Enhancement Proposals (PEPs) and provides a structured proposal for the SunPy community to evaluate your idea. You can find the template and more information about SEPs in the appropriate SunPy repository. SEPs are submitted as pull requests into that repository.